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How to Dispose of Ink Cartridges in an Eco-Friendly Way?


Every year in Australia, more than 18 million ink cartridges are thrown away. These disposals end up in landfills and generate nearly 5,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste. As a responsible citizen of Planet Earth, you must invest in eco-friendly ink disposal for waste and used cartridges. 

Ink cartridges contain materials that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. The ink is made up of toxic chemicals which can contaminate the groundwater and cause land and water pollution. 

In this blog, we will understand the importance of ink waste management and explore some easy methods for used ink cartridge disposal

Why Eco-Friendly Cartridge Disposal is Important?

Ink cartridges, when not disposed of properly, can end up in landfills, where they take hundreds of years to decompose. This not only contributes to the growing problem of electronic waste but also poses a threat to soil and water quality due to the potential leakage of harmful substances from these cartridges.

Moreover, proper ink cartridge disposal can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Recycling ink cartridges can reduce the need for new cartridge production, which can be expensive. Many recycling programs and ink wholesalers online offer incentives, such as discounts or store credit, for returning used cartridges, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and your budget.

Now, let's explore the various sustainable ink disposal options available in Australia.

  • Local Recycling Centres

One of the best ways for eco-friendly waste ink disposal is to get in touch with local recycling centres. You can ask around in your local council office or search online for recycling centres near your location. These places will accept your used or wasted ink cartridges and break them down into their individual components, such as plastic and metal, and reuse or recycle them accordingly. This process helps conserve valuable resources and reduces the environmental impact of cartridge disposal.

  • Mail-in Programs

There are several recycling programs in Australia, such as Close The Loop, which help with used ink cartridge disposal. It is particularly useful for those who don't have easy access to local recycling centres. You must carefully pack your used ink cartridges and then drop them off at the nearest post office. This service is totally free, and the cartridges will be sent to Close The Loop for sustainable ink disposal

  • Retailer Take-Back Programs

Many office supply retailers and electronics stores in Australia run ink cartridge take-back programs. These programs encourage customers to return used cartridges to the store for recycling. Retailers keep collection bins where you can drop off your empty cartridges during regular shopping trips. Some retailers will also offer incentives, such as discounts on new cartridges or store credit, as a token of appreciation for your eco-friendly efforts. 

  • Third-Party Cartridge Recycling Services

You can also find third-party recycling services specialising in waste ink disposal. These services may offer a range of options, including drop-off locations, mail-in services, or even collection programs for businesses. While choosing a third-party recycling service, ensure they have an established process for ink recycling methods so you know that ink disposal will be handled correctly.  

What Happens During the Cartridge Recycling Process? 

All disposed cartridges are sent to a specialised recycling facility where they are sorted and disassembled. The procedure further separates them into various components: steel, aluminium, clean and contaminated plastic, residual toner, and ink. 

Each component is then repurposed in different ways to create new products:


  • Steel parts are reused in manufacturing appliances like fridges and washing machines.

  • Aluminium is utilised for making cans for food and beverages.

  • Clean plastics are transformed into items such as pens.

  • Contaminated plastics and remaining components are crushed and processed into 'eWood,' a synthetic timber material suitable for crafting fences and furniture.

  • The residual ink is used in the filling of pens or the creation of recycled artist ink.

The remaining toner is mixed with asphalt, recycled glass, and plastic to produce high-quality road and paving surfaces.


Comprehensive Resources for Managing Your HP Printer Cartridges Sustainably



Proper ink cartridge disposal is not only environmentally responsible but also economically beneficial. With programs like Close The Loop and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, there are plenty of ways for sustainable waste ink disposal in Australia. Choosing eco-friendly ink disposal will help reduce electronic waste and conserve resources. 

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