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HP Instant Ink Guide - Everything You Need To Know

You might have noticed an evident increase in the subscription culture. After all, there isn’t anything that you cannot subscribe to these days! Consumer purchasing habits have changed big time since the idea of subscriptions was introduced to the market.


You no longer have to wait for the product to run out or have to go to the market. You can simply subscribe to the products that you need and they can be delivered to your doorstep just in time before they run out! 


E-commerce has been a game changer since everything is available to the masses with just a click, it doesn’t get any better than that. Subscriptions have been thriving, no matter what industry they are for; gadgets, cooking, art, and more. One such emerging subscription trend is HP instant ink.


If you are an HP printer owner, you know that HP printer ink is compatible with instant ink. HP instant ink can be expensive, especially when you have to keep venturing out now and then.


The worst part is having to take a trip to the stores suddenly, upon discovering that your ink is over, especially when you’re in a hurry or doing something important. But HP has a solution for you.


You can now subscribe to HP printer ink and live stress-free when it comes to refilling your ink! But is HP instant ink worth it? Most individuals ponder over this question and rightfully so.


At Ink & Rolls, we provide a solution to all your printer needs. We are here to give you a laydown of whether HP ink is worth it before subscribing to the HP printer cartridges and ink. 


What Is HP Instant Ink? 


In 2013, HP introduced the HP instant ink service that would send you HP ink cartridge replacements according to your printer use and monthly needs. HP monitors automatically send you ink according to their data to make sure that you never run out of ink. It is a tiered printing plan with packages going as high as $19.99 per month. 


Reliability, convenience, and waste reduction are what make this subscription service model so unique and efficient! When someone who uses the printer regularly receives such a package from a renowned and trusted brand, most of their work stress calms down then and there. 


How Does HP Instant Ink Work? 


You can stop worrying about ink and toner levels if you own an HP printer compatible with an active HP Instant Ink subscription. With this plan, your HP printer will automatically start monitoring how much ink you are using and when you will need a replacement or a ‘power-up’ again.


Pre-paid shipping materials are also sent to subscribers so that they can return all the used and empty cartridges. This entire plan will help you cut back on so many efforts and save time.


You don’t have to keep monitoring your ink levels all the time, run out of supplies, or wait for your order to arrive and suspend your HP printer activities till then. You do not have to fret about refills and replacements since you now have a convenient recycling solution as well! 


Is Wi-Fi required for HP Instant Ink? 


Yes, HP Instant Ink always monitors your overall printing requirements. For that reason, a Wi-Fi connection is needed at all times. This is the only way to make sure your HP Instant Ink subscription is up and running.


However, if you live in an area with poor network and connectivity, you may be not able to print and will end up paying for the Instant Ink subscription regardless.


This monitoring feature will also allow HP to track your exact cancellation date and successfully bill you for the free usage of any of their services post-cancellation. 


HP Instant Ink is a great option for avid users of HP printers who could do with some help keeping their inks stocked.


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