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Cartridge Error in an HP Printer
How to Fix a Cartridge Error in an HP Printer

HP is one of the most reliable and compatible printers in the industry. Its experience in quality and efficiency is what makes it stand out amongst the rest of the industry. However, it’s natural to feel caught off-guard or frustrated when you observe a message saying “cartridge error”. This might leave you feeling worried about how to bypass the HP printer cartridge errors.  


These error messages usually show and cause problems when your HP printer detects that you are using a refilled or third-party cartridge. If you've received an error warning on your HP printer and have already tried turning it off and on again, trust us when we say it's not time to worry just yet. There are still a few things you can do to fix your HP cartridge problem.


Fix your HP cartridge problem


Check your work


First things first, you want to be sure that overriding the error message on your HP printer is indeed a good idea. Some cartridge failures legitimately appear for a purpose. HP prefers that all users of its products use fresh, name-brand ink cartridges. There is an HP cartridge protection feature built into their printers that you may need to override.


There is a possibility that some ink from your attempts to manually refill your cartridges has damaged one of the sensors in the casing of your printer. It's also possible that the print head is clogged, or perhaps the cartridge is just not installed properly. You might potentially spare yourself a major problem later on if you go in there and make sure everything is where it needs to be.


Overriding HP cartridge protection


Now, if you're attempting to get a suitable third-party cartridge to operate, you can definitely make that happen. On some HP printers, you can access your printer settings through the menu and turn the cartridge protection off from there. 


However, if you're doing this from a distance and using your computer, your HP printer will probably alert you with a warning stating that it has detected that the cartridge ( hp incompatible ink cartridge) you're trying to use is a counterfeit.


If you've knowingly purchased from a third party, you know that's not the case. Your HP printer will ask you if the cartridge you installed was sold as an HP printer cartridge. It's important that you don't click OK at this step since the printer will then reject the cartridge in order to protect itself.


Your HP printer should permit you to proceed with the installation if you accept that the cartridge is a third party and that you were aware of this at the time of installation. HP cannot set up their printers to reject the use of third-party cartridges, but they can if it indicates that the customer was misled into purchasing a counterfeit HP cartridge.


Resetting your HP printer


You may have gone through this process and made the HP printer cartridge error override, caused by clicking yes when asked if you thought your cartridge was real. The issue could still be resolved by resetting your printer. You can relax knowing that resetting an HP printer is much the same as resetting any other brand.


Most HP printers need you to switch them off and unplug the power cord in order to perform a factory reset. You can then reconnect your printer to the power and turn it on while holding the resume button after giving it around 30 seconds. 


The attention light should turn on after about 10 seconds of holding the resume button, indicating that the printer is returning to its factory settings.


From there, you may resume the process of bypassing the HP cartridge protection on your HP printer and use your refilled cartridge or third-party printer.


To avoid the HP cartridge problem, it is best to use real or ink cartridges compatible with your HP printer.


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