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Synology BeeDrive 1TB , 3 Year Warranty, Featuring BeeDrop - Transfer files from mobile device to PC over Wi-Fi

BeeDrive is a data backup hub that simplifies backup of your important files and photos from your computer and smartphone. It also provides easy file sync when plugged in and enables easy wireless transfer of files from mobile devices to computers.

Take advantage of the ultra-fast transfer speeds of BeeDrive and avoid theprivacy concerns of storing files on public clouds. Computer backup can automate the backup of selected folders after initial setup, BeeDrive will automatically perform file backup when plugged in. Retain up to 5 versions of each file. Roll back to a previous version if an accident happens Customize your syncing preferences, including the option for one-way or two-way syncing Back up photos from up to 5 mobile devices easily using BeeDrive mobile app BeeDrop, there's no need to connect a cable simply send your files from your mobile phone, and they'll be instantly available on your computer for use. Easily transfer your photos, videos, and files from your phone to BeeDrive without any cables

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