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Coronavirus: How to Be Productive When You Have to Work from Home ?

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we conduct our business. Not only did the ensuing lockdown hampered our daily activities, but also restricted us to work from home. This emerging trend is something we will be seeing more in weeks to come. It is widely debated as to what an ideal setup should be to be able to work effectively and get the same environment you would usually get inside a workplace.

Desk: First and mostly it is very important to have a proper desk. Ideally a desk with a wide base to accommodate most of the devices you would be usually using for your work. Factors such as height are important to get a proper level of comfort, without putting stress on your back. Also an ideal location, away from direct sunlight and a noise free room is very crucial to work effectively.

Chair: A good ergonomic chair is imperative to sit for longer hours without hurting your back in the process. Ideally a chair which can flex back 180 degrees can help you take the edge off when you need the most. A chair with a mesh construction for air circulation, built in lumbar and head support as well as adjustable height and tilt gives you the ideal comfort for grinding through the day.

Workstation: The most important part of an efficient work from home setup is definitely your workstation. Depending on your work, you may use a laptop docked to a dual monitor for multitasking and for using multiple applications. People can opt to use a Macbook from Apple or a XPS 13 from dell which are one of the best laptops you can use to accomplish most of the task thrown at you. A wireless keyboard and mouse complements this setup for maximum portability. Also throw in a headset and webcam to do those skype meetings with your clients or colleagues.

Printer: Just like in the office, you will require a printer at home which can effortlessly print, scan and copy a wide range of documents. Depending on the model you could also print your holiday snaps, saving you a lot of money. Unlike big and bulky printers in the offices, there are all in one printers which takes up a small bit of space and can be either an inkjet or a laser printer. No matter what kind of requirement you have, there is a printer for every need.

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Few final things: Make sure you get ample rest before starting work, have proper meals and sip in that cuppa coffee to elevate your mood. Make sure there aren’t any distractions so you can focus on your work. Lastly, take breaks in between to ensure you are not getting fatigued. Stay safe everyone.